Constellio's Record management

Preserve your data while automating your compliance with the laws and standards of your industry.

The unified enterprise record management (RM) module is an archives module with robots that allow for automatization of the lifecycle management of your data. Thus, our robots repatriate content from all your systems to archive them in your Constellio document vault.

Thanks to our robot technology combined with our enterprise search connectors, monitoring is carried out on all your systems. This monitoring helps to identify documents and files before they are processed in accordance with predetermined artificial intelligence criteria. Thus, the lifecycle of your documents and files, whether for preservation or destruction, is applied.

When the amount of digital folders to manage is exponential, it becomes impossible for teams specializing in document management to ensure the application of the lifecycle for all of your series of documents across all your systems. The use of our robots frees your human resources from these tasks.

Actions carried out by our robots:

  • Detection of the latest version of the document
  • Automatic document typing
  • Application of conservation rules to the document
  • Transfer to the Constellio vault for preservation
  • Deletion of documents

You are also able to automatically identify important and essential documents to conserve, eliminate those that you are obliged to destroy after a certain number of years (ex. personal information) and purge documents of no use to the organization.

The Record Management lifecycle management module ensures the traceability, integrity, security and continuity of all your information. Additionally, it identifies, classifies, archives and preserves your documents in accordance with existing laws.

record management


The migration of data from a system is often a long internal process that involves both time from the resources assigned to the project and considerable expense. This is why the implementation of many a new software solution project is delayed by the stages related to the migration of data or is simply abandoned along the way.
With robot technology, you can repatriate the content of your systems and make it accessible to search without having to migrate your systems’ content.


In this way, you can start your new enterprise record management system and access content from your old systems via the navigation of our Constellio enterprise search engine module.
Combined with Constellio’s enterprise search, our enterprise record management module allows you to simultaneously find data from your old and new systems.

Key features of our enterprise record information management solution:

Key Features

Community Version(Open source)

Enterprise Version

Conform to the laws and standards of your industryXX
Sustainability of your digital documentsXX
Management of a classification systemXX
Management of a conservation calendar (file and document)XX
Hybrid management of files and documents (paper and electronic)XX
Management of spaces and warehousesXX
Auditing and loggingXX
Automatic application of conservation calendar for types of documentsX
Unified archiving (robots combined with enterprise search connectors)X