SharePoint Record Management – e-Discovery

Constellio supports the ability of highly regulated organizations to conform to their legal obligations at the record management and/or e-Discovery level.


Intelligent record management for SharePoint

SharePoint is an excellent collaborative platform, however it has important limitations at the record management and lifecycle management levels. Identifying the latest version, limiting duplicates, preserving or destroying documents according to a conservation calendar, these are all good examples of these limitations.

In addition, the use of SharePoint within an organization generates a proliferation of sites and a significant increase in digital content mass. SharePoint records management

Constellio record management for SharePoint compensates for SharePoint’s weaknesses by allowing you to automate the lifecycle of different types of documents contained therein.

Thus, thanks to our artificial intelligence module, you can automatically type your documents and apply a predefined rule to them. You will be able to automatically identify important and essential to retain documents, eliminate those that you are obliged to destroy after a certain number of years and dispose of documents that have no value for the organization, and all without effort from your human resources.

Constellio integrates with SharePoint via two components:
  • Robots for the identification, treatment and repatriation of content
  • Webparts that integrate with SharePoint interfaces to assure a seamless integration of the solution.

Moreover, Constellio offers modules for managing physical or paper documents, as well as the ability to manage warehouses and boxes.

Constellio record management for SharePoint is completely essential for the safe use of SharePoint in your organization.

SharePoint management of e-Discovery

Although a SharePoint search engine exists, Constellio offers you the possibility to include a federated search of content found in SharePoint combined with all other content found in your systems.

Through the Constellio enterprise search and document vault it is possible, from one single place, to retrace all the stored electronic evidence (ESI—electronic stored information) in all your systems and to place it in a legal hold in case a conflict occurs.

The federated legal hold will repatriate the identified content to the Constellio vault and place a legal hold on these documents. This will assure that these documents cannot be modified and no lifecycle will apply until the end of litigation.

Constellio offers, via its Workflow module, the ability to revise the legal hold, to improve its content and to disclose it in the context of evidence.