Make organizations efficient in the management of information while minimizing the effort devoted to this task.


Our mission is to assist you in optimizing the management, collaborative work and organization of your digital documents and information.

How about you:

  • Be sure to find the document and information you need immediately and instantly, regardless of the system.
  • Be able to effectively manage your information and documents. No more duplicates and a sound management of versions.
  • Take advantage of true work collaboration
  • A simple glance at Constellio’s offices convinces you of our experts’ passion. Don’t be surprised to learn that they don’t count the hours they spend in the office. In fact, they love to share work, video games and have fun, and gather around a good meal at lunch or in the evening.


  • Our young and dynamic team is full of impressive ideas. At Constellio, we believe that thinking differently often takes us further and allows us to renew ourselves continually.


  • Continuous improvement of our solutions is our primary concern. Every day our experts seek to develop new features or refine existing features. It’s a quest that aims to advance our solutions and continually meet your changing needs.


  • We aim for perfection. Perfection in the quality of our products, our business operations during the deployment of our solutions, and at the level of our customer service. To do this we have a carefully selected team of experts that has the talent, knowledge and expertize to meet the highest requirements


  •  Alone we go faster but together we go further. This is our motto!
  • Teamwork is therefore at the center of everything we do.
Our philosophy is based on sharing. Our way of doing things is based on the philosophy of open source software, which is :
  • Share expertize, knowledge and resources and, with this, share our developments with our communities.
  • Share the costs of development between many clients if the need is shared.
  • Make public and accessible to the whole community the developments made by the members.
  • Involve the community in the definition of needs for the next versions of our software.

We consider our clients to be partners by offering them a very high quality of products and services.

Coming from the world of open source, our philosophy very much favors exchange and use of norms and standards. With architectures oriented to norms and standards of interoperability of documents and information, our solutions allow integration between two systems.

The Constellio team possesses expertize in two project management methodologies, Soit PMI and the agile methodology SCRUM. The SCRUM agile methodology is part of the so-called interactive and adaptive methodologies. Effectively, it allows us to adapt and respond well to the client’s needs.

Thus, the client is involved during the whole process of implementation and the validation is continuous and not just at the completion of the implementation, as is the case for certain so-called traditional methodologies. This allows us to readjust very rapidly and to deliver solutions that meet the need expressed by the client.

We work hard every day to provide you our best.

We are particularly proud to have received the following recognitions :

  • Finalist at competition for excellence in IT for the project « » Déploiement de Constellio au gouvernement du Québec », 2014
  • Finalist at competition for excellence in IT for the project « » Première communauté logicielle libre gouvernementale : IntelliGID » », 2012
  • Finalist at Octas for the project « » Implantation de Constellio à Services Québec » », 2011
  • Lauréat Entrepreneur Immigrant, Chambre de Commerce de Québec, 2014
Équipe de direction
Rida Benjelloun

President and CEO

Solidly supported by a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Sciences, a Masters in Digital Information Management and an MBA in Information Technology Management. M. Rida Benjelloun has over 14 years experience in Information Technology, Information Sciences and project management.

Francis Baril
Technical Director
Francis Baril

Obtaining a Bachelor in Software Engineering from ETS, M. Baril became specialized in Web technologies, mastering the rules of the art in terms of development.

Nicolas Belisle
Nicolas Belisle

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration,  M. Belisle completed an MBA in Information Technology Management at Laval University. Nicolas Bélisle possesses 10 years of experience in the analysis of information systems, notably the development of solutions for document management and search engines.

Vincent Dussault
Product Manager
Vincent Dussault

Holding a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, M. Dussault completed an MBA Information Technology at Laval University. M. Dussault has more than 14 years of experience in the field of Information Technologies. He specializes particularly in consulting and document management.