• Integrate Constellio network sharing without migrating data

Integrate Constellio network sharing without migrating data

Constellio allows you to integrate network share into your document management without the effort of migrating and organizing data.

Indeed, network share enterprise search allows you to render the network share content searchable from day one of your installation and in a completely automated way.

In addition to network share search capacity, Constellio allows you to create the same navigational structure for this share directly in Constellio. By using the same tree employed by users in their sharing network, you will facilitate adherence to the use of our platform and gain efficiency in tracking files and documents using the integrated search engine.

Thanks to our connector, the migration of content from your shared network is made as it is used. You avoid all the preliminary steps usually necessary for migration. In this way, when a user wants to edit a document, it’s Constellio that starts to manage the versions and remove them from the shared network. Therefore, migration is done gradually with use and requires no effort from the document management team.

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