EIM Solutions

Why an EIM

Business applications, email, file sharing, website… So much scattered information that is often difficult to find and use.
With Constellio EIM, keep the best of your current business applications and collect all the unstructured information that is found in your organization. Optimize the search and exploitation of all this information through the unifying vertical platform of Constellio EIM. Put an end to information by silo and optimize sharing and exchange in your organization.
We believe that ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions have failed to arrive at the mission they were originally given: unify all of an enterprise’s information. Many ECM solutions are directed towards the collaborative platform, others specifically toward document management, or even active digital asset management.
Many of these systems try to integrate applications in the form of a Portlet, Dashlette or Widget. Some of these applications are too complex, while others remain incomplete.

This is why Constellio offers its enterprise information platform, a unifying platform for information management within the enterprise.


The unifying platform allows you to:

  • Use the vertical application of your choice and to make it exploitable via enterprise search.
  • Unify the management of documents via the document vault so as to store all your documents in the same place.
  • Optimize the management of versions, duplicates
  • Reduce storage space
  • Generate applications in Constellio to answer your business challenges.
Constellio EIM concentrates on the management of information, while ECM solutions and other portal technologies become integration platforms.
Constellio ensures a powerful management of your information while remaining compatible with ECM like SharePoint, Alfresco, or collaborative platforms like Liferay and others…
Some of the components of the Enterprise version of Constellio aren’t open source in nature. They are based on proprietary licenced software. To this end, they should include the Microsoft Exchange connector, SharePoint connector, etc.
Keen to adapt to the environments, requirements and information specificities of each of our clients, we offer four options for deployment of our Enterprise version of our Constellio software suite.