Document management

Improve the productivity of your employees using Constellio’s artificial intelligence tools.

The massive use of office suites, staff turnover and a lack of structure in terms of electronic document management in organizations are some of the factors that contribute to the loss of your important files and documents.

document management

The challenges that organizations face regarding document management are mainly caused by the 3Vs:

Volume and mass of documentation (BIG Data)

Variety of systems and document formats to manage (multiple formats of an online editing tool)

Velocity, the speed at which data needs to be treated, analyzed and made available (artificial intelligence and analytics)

TODAY, organizations in all fields are grappling with the same realities:

  • Finding the latest version of a document
  • Avoiding duplication and semi-duplication of a document in the organizations’ various internal systems
  • Classifying documents and files in the proper classification structure (classification plan)
  • Weakness in metadata that allows for sound utilization of documents and files
Constellio’s artificial intelligence offers your employees a solution that helps automate these issues :

Algorithme puissant

Online editing tool for all your file formats

Gestion des doublons

Version control

Management of duplicates, semi-duplicates and detection of the last version (dependent upon access rights)

Algorithme puissant

Recommendation of file folders

Algorithme puissant

Automatic extraction of metadata

Algorithme puissant

Automatic typing of documents

Classification automatique

Automatic classification

The basic features of our document management (EDM) software are the following :

Voute cemtralisee


Accessible everywhere, you can access your files and documents any time.

Voute cemtralisee

Centralized document vault

An office without paper for greater efficiency. Centralize your digital files in one place.

Algorithme puissant


Constellio has the most comprehensive module for management of rights and access permissions.

Constellio’s document vault is software that allows management of large volumes of data, processing nearly one million documents per minute, while supporting millions of concurrent users. When it comes to the electronic management of documents, Constellio is the BIG DATA software to choose.


Community Version(Open source)

Enterprise Version

Centralized document vault  (BIG DATA)X
Management of access rights and rolesXX
Online editing (all file formats)X
Management of duplicates, semi-duplicates and last version detectionX
Recommendation of file foldersX
Automatic extraction of metadataX
Automatic document typingX
Automatic classificationX