Constellio Company

Founded in 2006, Constellio is an open source software company of the same name. Our mission is to provide organizations with highly effective enterprise content management solutions, enabling them to comply with their legal obligations but also to become more efficient through automation and artificial intelligence. All in a simple-to-use, user-friendly platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support organizations for the success of their digital transformation and the optimization of their resources and processes through automated management of their informational content to achieve Efficiency and Compliance with current industry regulations.

Our values


A team passionate about both content management and new technologies. This passion drives us to reinvent ourselves on a daily basis and anticipate the best of today for tomorrow.


Beyond a high-performance product, the quality of our service differentiates us, we have always established relationships close to our customers, to better understand your needs and be able to provide customized solutions. Our experts are always at your service.


At Constellio, we always strive for excellence through a perfect synergy between our teams and our customers, we maintain a high level of demands.


Continuous improvement of our solutions is our primary concern. Every day, our experts seek to develop new features or refine existing features. A kind of quest that aims to advance our solutions in order to constantly meet your evolving needs.


Only we go faster, but two of us go further. That's our motto!

Teamwork is therefore at the heart of each of our actions.

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Interested in knowing more about the Constellio software?

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