Compliance & efficiency, get both with Constellio

Find the relevant information quickly

With Constellio enterprise search engine, find the relevant information in all your business applications already in place. In a single interface, Constellio is responsible for indexing all sources of information in your company, whether it is a structured or unstructured information. With the power of the Constellio enterprise search engine, increase efficiency and enhance the performance of your employees.

Secure your information

Constellio has a state-of-the-art access rights and permissions management module that allows you to make information accessible but at the same time manage access independently and securely.

Comply with regulations

The Record Management Lifecycle Management Module ensures the traceability, integrity, security and sustainability of all your information. In addition, it identifies, classifies, archives and preserves your documents in accordance with applicable laws.

Manage your internal projects and processes more efficiently

Whether it is managing correspondence or validating contracts and forms, Constellio allwos you to automate your processes, assign tasks, generate an alert system, associate documents and speed up their approval and measure the performance of your processes.

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