Your challenges

Municipalities have several internal departments with different information content and confidentiality criteria, how to edit, exchange and share documents internally and externally within the same platform and ensure varying levels of access security from one entity to another? And how to optimize the time spent managing the mass of documents?


Our solution

With expertise in the municipal sector, and successful implementations that meet the specific needs of the sector, Constellio software can set several levels of security and confidentiality for different departments through the creation of separate silos. The solution also offers automated workflows on several internal processes including application processing, various approvals and accounts payable processing.

Constellio allows you to :

-Find relevant information in all your business applications already in place with the Constellio search engine. In a single interface, Constellio is responsible for indexing all sources of information in your company, whether structured or unstructured information.

-Secure your information thanks to a module for managing access rights and permissions that allows you to make information accessible in an autonomous and secure manner.

-Ensure regulatory compliance with the record management lifecycle module that ensures the traceability, integrity, security and durability of all your information. In addition, it identifies, classifies, archives and preserves your documents in accordance with ISO standards and current legislation.

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