Signature, annotation and redaction

In a telecommuting context, the implementation of a signature, annotation and redaction tool has many advantages, in terms of efficiency, time and money.

Increase your efficiency while being compliant while telecommuting.

Constellio allows you to :

-Preserve your digital documents , file them in the appropriate folders , digitally sign them internally or externally in Teams or Constellio , and add annotations without altering the original document .

-Apply a digital certificate issued by the Quebec Ministry of Justice (ICPG) and affix a digital seal using a "device" type certificate on an unlimited number of documents both internally and externally.


Constellio also allows you to :

- Have a simple document management with support for multiple document formats such as: Microsoft Office suite, PDF and Open Office.

- Digitally sign your documents exchanged and shared in Microsoft Teams and keep them thanks to an agility and integration of Microsoft 365.

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