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Constellio allows you to sign your documents via a web interface and apply signature workflows on them  

Your documents retain their legal valule

Several certificate options are available

Constellio 9.0 also offers the possibility of adding annotations to your documents. Annotations are added as layers and do not alter the original document. This allows you to add or hide them as needed.

Constellio offers a digital signature mechanism with certificate. It is thus possible to add a signature image to the document and to apply a certificate to it to authenticate the signatory.

Your documents retain their legal value thanks to the Constellio digital signature module 

Ajoutez des annotations à vos documents

Constellio 9.0 offre également la possibilité d’ajouter des annotations à vos documents. Les annotations s’ajoutent comme des couches et n’altèrent pas le document original. Ce qui permet de les ajouter ou masquer en fonction des besoins.

Constellio Signature Numérique CSN, une solution unique à vos besoins multiples

Six good reasons to choose Constellio for your Electronic Content Management (ECM) System :

  1. Accessible everywhere : Constellio is accessible from your various mobile devices;
  2. User-friendly and intuitive : Constellio solution offers a user-friendly, user-friendly and intuitive solution;
  3. Inter-operable : Constellio integrates seamlessly with your existing IT systems thanks to its web service layer;
  4. Safe : Constellio allows you to set up permissions to access documents;
  5. Adaptative : Constellio adapts to the specific needs of its customers; 
  6. Integrated : Constellio incorporates 6 add-ons that perfectly support your GED.

Agilité et Collaboration via Microsoft 365

Grâce à l’intégration de Constellio à Microsoft Teams, le module Constellio Signature Numérique CSN vous permet de signer numériquement vos documents échangés et partagés dans Microsoft Teams et de conserver vos documents ensuite.

Support de formats multiples de documents

Constellio Signature Numérique CSN vous permet de signer différents formats de documents à savoir Suite Microsoft office, PDF et Open Office.

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