Automated constellio document management

Artificial intelligence to automatically edit, classify and manage versions of your documents. 
Succceed in your organization's digital transformation, take control of your corporate content in an automated way.

Are you facing these common document management problems?

Difficulty to find documents due to a high volume of data.

Independent applications that don't communicate with each other, resulting in a lot of duplicates and version problems.

Having to find, process and share information in record times.

Automated constellio document management allows you:

  • The categorization and automatic classification of documents.
  • The detection of duplicates, automatic versioning and detection of the latest versions.
  • Automation of processes allows you to increase productivity.
  • The traceability and logging of documentary activities.
  • Sharing and collaborating on documents.
  • Data security and confidentiality.

Constellio automated document management offers you :

Online documents editing

Online documents editing

An online editing tool for all file formats.

Automated classification

Automated classification

By simple keyword, the right folder is recommended.

Intelligent Meta-Data extraction

Intelligent Meta-Data extraction

Automatic data extraction from your documents and folders
 Deduplication of duplicates

Deduplication of duplicates

Management of duplicates, semi-duplicates and detection of the latest version.

Electronic document management software

Zero paper made possible

Zero paper made possible

A paperless office, for more efficiency. Centralize your electronic files in one place.

Mobility for more efficiency

Mobility for more efficiency

Accessibility everywhere, allowing you to find your files at all times.

Access security and document sharing

Access security and document sharing

Manage Constellio Accesses in an indepedent and secure way

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