Constellio Channels Archiver - CCA 
The CCA app allows you to manage your content exchanged on Microsoft Teams both your chats and your attachments by offering you the ability to archive the content of Channels whose projects are completed but also to find your information quickly if necessary.
 Collaborate effectively while CCA manages and secures your exchanged content.

Challenges and Issues for your teams?

Collaboration applications offer more efficiency and flexibility to teams on a daily basis, but with the growing number of Channels, content is more than ever a concern for managers.

How do you clean up your channels while keeping the content shared?

How to archive attachments and cats? 

How to find shared content?

Constellio Channels Archiver

An Apps that can archive Channel content from chats and shared messages to documents and attachments to enable teams to collaborate effectively and securely.

Channel Cleanup: The Constellio Channel Archiver app to archive Channels  helps to purify Channel team content. 

Elimination of Duplicates: The application also allows documents to be duplicated by eliminating duplicates and also to compress the size of attachments. 

Search Engine: CCA also integrates the properties of Constellio's powerful search engine, which allows for automated categorization of full-text document search and messages in SharePoint.

Conservation rules: the CCA application also allows the application of the conservation rules established by the organization on the channels which will lead to the elimination of archived channels based on the life cycle, this will therefore allow free up storage space for archiving and save real money. 

Constellio Archive Extractor allows data to be retrieved in two different formats: in PDF format for messages and in OAIS SIP package format for attachments, giving organizations a guarantee to access and use the information in all time.

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