Constellio search engine

 Simple and intuitive, the Constellio app allows you with a simple keyword to extract your content and share it with your colleagues. Find your business information regardless of its location very quickly.

Are these challenges familiar to you?

Quickly find the relevant information to ensure the performance of the teams.
The multitude of systems where information is located, network sharing, Sharepoint, Teams, Website, Outlook Messaging, Software, etc...

Problemes gestion documentaire

Constellio search engine allows you to: 

Find relevant information in all your business applications already in place. 

Index all of your company's sources of information into one interface, whether it's structured or not. 

Incorporate it with great simplicity , flexibility and easily adapt it to your graphic charter.

moteur de recherche - Constellio

Constellio search engine offers you :

A simple and intuitive search

A simple and intuitive search

That allows you from the same interface to search for information throughout your system.

A powerful security system

A powerful security system

Ensuring full compliance with the security applied to other systems.

A relevance algorithm

A relevance algorithm

Powerful and innovative based on artificial intelligence that learns and improves according to use.

Constellio Search Engine also allows you :

Automatic categorization of your results

Automatic categorization of your results

That allows you to refine and sort the search.

 A great capacity for personalization

A great capacity for personalization

Of how the engine works (search by synonym, semantic search, keyword referencing...).

Analytics tools

Analytics tools

Allowing you to analyze the behavior and performance of your search engine within the organization.


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