Constellio Legal Hold

 Allows you to freeze documents that can be used in the event of a dispute to protect them from any risk of change, deletion and prompt gathering of your evidence. 
Protect your organization, secure your evidence in the event of litigation.

Given the mass of documentary treated on a daily basis, organizations are increasingly faced with the difficulty of compiling evidence in record time in case of litigation but also of preserving it, protecting it for all the time necessary to treat the case in question.

Masse documentaire
moteur de recherche - Constellio

Thanks to Constellio's research and documentary vault, you can trace all the electronic stored information (ESI) in all your systems from one place and place it in a freeze (legal hold) when a conflict arises. The federated legal hold will repatriate the contents identified in constellio's vault and perform an GEL of these documents. 

This will ensure that these documents will no longer be amendable and that no life cycle will apply until the end of the litigation.

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