In one single action, Constellio transfers your shared networks to the cloud 

Access your shared networks in one click

 Optimizes storage space

Optimizes storage space

• Deduplicates and removes duplicates

 • Generates a report of duplicates and management of pointers and reference

Search engine

Search engine

Offers an advanced search engine on shared networks

Cloud intelligent

Cloud intelligent

• Allows you to automatically version, manage duplicates, apply the life cycle, index the content for a full text search and log actions

Six good reasons to choose Constellio for your Electronic Content Management (ECM) System :

  1. Accessible everywhere : Constellio is accessible from your various mobile devices;
  2. User-friendly and intuitive : Constellio solution offers a user-friendly, user-friendly and intuitive solution;
  3. Inter-operable : Constellio integrates seamlessly with your existing IT systems thanks to its web service layer;
  4. Safe : Constellio allows you to set up permissions to access documents;
  5. Adaptative : Constellio adapts to the specific needs of its customers; 
  6. Integrated : Constellio incorporates 6 add-ons that perfectly support your GED.

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