Office 365 Integration

Companies are distributing content everywhere, the amount of files and data continues to grow over the years, and their fragmentation has become a real issue for organizations.

The Constellio solution for Office 365 allows you to:

-Deploy a set of business rules to soundly manage organizational information .

-Find a document searched simultaneously in Teams, SharePoint, One drive, Exchange via a unified search engine in O365 and Constellio, having everything in one place and without having to browse the different systems.

-Integrate the mechanics of managing the classification plan, retention schedule and downgrading in the Constellio Record Center for Office 365.


Automated Content Governance (ACG):

The classification and organization of the mass of documents is becoming a major issue in organizations, especially in a context of multiple systems. They are wondering how to organize SharePoint Online and Teams channels, etc.

The objective of the ACG is to automate the filing structures in Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange while ensuring compliance.

Constellio allows you to:

-Standardize content structures across the organization.

-Automate the way content organization works .

-Make users efficient by always having similar filing structures .

-Enforce the lifecycle on Office 365 content .

The Constellio solution in Teams:

Currently, many organizations have implemented a combination of Microsoft products, such as SharePoint, Exchange (email), OneDrive and Teams.

Our solution aims to integrate them all in a single interface, so you can access all your documents from a search or a navigation!

Constellio offers you :

-A federated content manager : it is a Microsoft Teams application, with the objective of unified document management. It is positioned transversally on top of all the organization's systems and provides a central access point for document search, management and compliance.

-A content manager for Teams channels : it is a unifying platform for document management, multi-sources of data, which allows you to take advantage of each of your systems without worrying about the location and compliance of the information, having a granular security and automatic structuring of content based on templates.

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