Record Management Constellio

Ensures the traceability, integrity, security and sustainability of all your information as well as compliance with applicable laws. 
Successfully transform your organization digitally, master your archives - comply with regulations by automated managing the lifecycle of your documents.

Are your teams facing the following challenges: 

  • An exponential volume of digital files to manage. 
  • Difficulty for document management and compliance teams to ensure the application of the lifecycle for all documentary series for all your systems.

Un volume de fichiers numériques à gérer exponentiel.

Difficulté pour les équipes spécialisées en gestion documentaire et conformité d’assurer l’application du cycle de vie pour l’ensemble des séries documentaires pour tous vos systèmes.

Record Management By Constellio

  • The Constellio archiving solution allows you to manage both your physical and digital archives.
  • With an integrated intelligent and intuitive document classification system, Constellio allows users with a simple keyword to classify documents in the right location, in accordance with the organization's classification plan and to apply the associated conservation schedule in an automated manner.
  • Thanks to our robot technology combined with our enterprise search connectors, a watch is carried out on all your systems. This watch identifies documents and files that need to be processed in accordance with pre-defined artificial intelligence criteria.

Constellio Record Management Module allows you the following:

  • The detection of the latest version of a document.
  • The automatic typing of the document.
  • The application of the preservation rule to the document.
  • The Transfer to Constellio's documentary vault for conservation purposes.
  • Removing documents that have no value to your organization.
  • The solution also manages physical locations, it allows you to recommend the archiving box, generate labels, slip etc...
  • The solution also incorporates the PDFA (ISO for archiving standard) which ensures the sustainability of documents over the years.

Avoid the migration of your data, Save time and money!

  • The migration of data from a system is often a long internal process that involves time from the resources allocated to the project and considerable costs for the implementation of the project.
  • With robot technology, repatriate the content of your systems and make them searchable without having to migrate their content.
  • Our enterprise information archiving module, combined with Constellio's search engine, will allow you to simultaneously find data from your old and new systems.

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