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Contract Automation :

Duration : 54 min

Several aspects are covered in this webinar : a central location for contract management, a centralized template system, a workflow engine to automate processes, an auditing and traceability system, and a renewal alert and reminder system .


Automated Content Governance :

Duration : 1h 31min

Our president Rida Benjelloun discusses several questions about automated content governance (ACG) such as the benefits of opting for ACG, where to start, how it works with O365 and he ends with a Constellio demo .


Email Management :

Duration : 03 min

This webinar presents a way to manage emails using two approaches: Constellio Agent or Teams application.


Unified Document Management :

Durée : 1h 10 min

In this webinar, our president Rida Benjelloun explains the elements of unified document management and then gives a practical presentation.


The Teams Channel Content Manager :

Duration : 1h

Several points are covered in this webinar: How to manage your content from creation to final archiving, how to implement document management functionalities in order to comply with legal requirements, how to ensure sound governance to avoid loss of control and make users efficient without penalizing compliance . 


Annotation, signing and redacting in Teams:

Duration: 23 min

This webinar explains how Constellio makes it easy for you to process and share your documents in Teams without having to upload them securely, by integrating productivity and compliance tools such as annotation, digital signature, redacting and more...

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