Tailor-Made Support

Constellio team is made up of experts who can offer support throughout the chain, from analyzing your needs, to proposing suitable solutions, and the complete support of the implementation of your project.


Our team is made up of infrastructure specialists who will recommend the optimal specifications of your server based on the volume of the load.  Our mission consists of: 

  • Analyzing your needs 
  • Implementing the action plan; 
  • Recommending the technology; 
  • Putting the solution in place; 
  • Managing your data (migration and importing); 
  • Optimizing your processes and workflows 
  • Supporting your expert users in mastering the software features;
  • Supporting your managers to ensure the support of your end users when integrating the new technological solutions selected.


Our experts can intervene on a particular problem of your project or ensure all the needs in terms of implementation.
The infrastructure team takes care of installing the software in your environment. It makes sure to perform the optimal configurations as well as the connectivity of your active directory or LDAP.
Our team of information management architects will give you the best advice on data migration, but also on structuring current data and making sure your processes fit seamlessly into the software. ensuring that change is well managed.

Data migration

Our data migration experts is available to assist you in converting data from your old systems to Constellio. Workshops will be set up to establish a table of agreement between the metadata fields of your old systems and those of Constellio.

In addition, special attention will be paid to research-driven data. This way, we will work with data managers on default search fields, advanced search fields, sorting fields, search facets, and dynamic navigation structures (virtual spaces, etc.).

Make your data migration to Constellio in peace.


On-Site training

This training is provided by our experts in your offices. The training will provide you with all the necessary tools to optimize the use of each of the modules in business.

Online training

The online individual training includes live web-based training with one of our experts. It will give you all the tools you need to optimize the use of each module in business.


Your data is valuable and is the key to your organization and how it works. 

That's why we offer you a complete support for the implementation of your project. By joining one of our support programs you will benefit from our many updates that add to the features present in the originally installed version. This will ensure that you adequately meet your organization's evolving information management needs. 

Our support team is made up of experts and developers behind the creation of Constellio, who will be able to answer all your questions of use, optimization or development of the Constellio software suite better than anyone else.

 In order to support you as best as possible, we offer three levels of support. To learn more about the levels of support available, please contact our sales team.

Interested in knowing more about the Constellio software?

Book a demo

We plan a personalized presentation of Constellio software at your convenience to show you the software in action.

Download Constellio Open Source

Download the latest version of Constellio Open Source for free. 

Any further questions?

Our experts are at your disposal to answer and assist you in your project. 

Take advantage of our expertise during a Constellio demo

Wherever you are in your ECM project, our experts will be happy to demonstrate the various Constellio features tailored to your context and answer your questions.

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