Constellio compliance

The requirements of the companies in term of use of the information and the obligations of conformity with the ISO standards, impose important financial sanctions which can reach a percentage of the sales turnover in the event of defect or of repetition.

Constellio ensures unified management of document compliance for paper and digital documents as well as for external systems such as Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and email (Exchange/Outlook).

In addition, it ensures the traceability, integrity, security and durability of all your information as well as the compliance of your documents with current legislation.

Constellio allows you to :

-Comply with ISO 15489, ISO 14641 and the law on archives by applying the retention schedule and life cycle management, from creation to destruction or permanent archiving of all paper and digital documents, as well as team channels including conversations.

-Comply with the access to Information act by classifying content through a classification scheme and automated process.


Constellio also allows you to :

-Comply with the OAIS standard (iso 14721) for the long-term preservation of digital documents and their transfer to national archives and other bodies.

-Comply with Law 25 and the GDPR standard by automated mechanisms for identifying sensitive data, their categorization and processing.

-Have support for archiving formats PDF/A 1a (ISO 19005-1) and A2a (19005-2).

-Perform a document freeze (legal hold) and track in one place all electronically stored evidence (ESI - electronic stored information).

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