Constellio central collaboration

In a context of telecommuting, the integration of internal collaboration tools such as Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange ... is essential to simplify the processes of document management and achieve productivity gains and substantial savings.

Constellio acts as a one-stop shop to quickly access all your documents including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange.

No need to worry about where to save, Constellio will take care of that for you based on the nature of the document and not the system.

In addition, a series of productivity tools are available to you such as signing, annotation, redaction and scanning from the same interface.

Constellio allows you to :

-Search all your documents in one place and centrally manage content sharing (shared with you and those you have shared).

-Share your content in Teams channels.

-Create favorite folders with public or private documents and share them.

-Perform simultaneous editing via Office 365.


Constellio also allows you to :

-Set up notifications on the addition or modification of content.
-Launch processes (workflows) to automate requests (vacation request, invoice payment, purchase etc.)
-Create comments on files and documents in the form of conversations.
-Process images directly from the web interface.
-Make the same document visible in several folders to avoid duplication and find similar documents from those consulted.
-Sign and annotate a document online and share it internally or externally.
-Capture and scan documents with automatic filing from the web interface.
-Recommend a filing folder and detect document versions via artificial intelligence.
-Automatically extract the description fields of a document (advanced metadata structure).

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