Constellio unified search

Data sources are multiplying significantly. The user must then search in several systems to find the relevant information. This is a significant loss of time and employee productivity.

Instantly find documents through federated search, whether they are stored in Constellio or in systems such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive or email .

Constellio allows you to :

- Retrieve public content for distribution via a search portal.
- Have a simple and advanced search support based on the combination of several fields and in several languages.
- To have an optimal management of the search results with an automatic categorization (filters or facets).
- Have an intelligent spell checker that recommends the best way to write the searched word.

recherche unifiée
recherche unifiée

Constellio also allows you to :

- Save searches and share them.
-Highlight search results related to a keyword; the equivalent of Google AdWords.
-Do a search boost from a document to find similar documents.
-Have a search engine analysis tool.
-Search through synonyms and semantic searches.
-Have an administration console.

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