Constellio Workflow Engine for the General Management

Allows you to focus on the core of your missions and save time by automating the management of correspondence from receiving the email to the end of its follow-up and ranking it by administrative unit in the appropriate folder.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

Managing and tracking the various emails received in a day can easily become a heavy task, consuming time and energy that if on the strategic matters will have a more positive impact on your company. 
How can correspondence be managed effectively and the right follow-up is done on it?

Our Solution ?

Constellio allows real optimization and efficiency in the work of teams thanks to its integrated workflows, it allows you to create processes for managing correspondence, automatically assign tasks, associate documents, analyze the organization's performance.

Managing correspondence for the executive branch

Draw your process

Thanks to its integrated BPM model, as soon as the email is received.

Assign to people

By function, by workload per named user, by working group automatically.

Associate documents

To processes and expedite approvals by the various stakeholders.

Measure your performance

Reminders and alerts

The module allows automated reminders, in addition to a climbing and delegation system.

Measure your performance

Constellio allows you to measure the performance of entities and individuals

Edit reports

On each of your processes, edit your reports and share information.

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