Constellio for  Human Resources management

Human management, regardless of the size or nature of the company, makes the necessary efforts and means to attract, recruit and retain the best talents. Constellio allows you to secure your content and automate their management while you stay focused on the core of your missions.

Your challenges?

How can recruitment processes be ensured? performance evaluation?

How can the management of leave applications be simplified? Classify and store employees' personal and confidential data?

Our solution?

Constellio software, using artificial intelligence, automates the recording of employee data and secures the access.

By automating processes, Constellio allows you to speed up recruitment validation processes and different employee requests.

Find your documents in record time

Constellio's powerful search engine lets you find your used listings in record time wherever they are, from documents stored on the Constellio platform to network shares and email.

Secure access to your content

Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of staff records and information, Constellio has a complete pilot menu that manages roles and security of access to different documents. Thus, only authorized persons can access documents related to its functions.

Access is also given in reading alone or reading and modifying according to each person's prerogatives.

Manage your content in an optimized way

With Constellio's automated document management, you can rank your documents in the right location with a simple keyword.

Simple and intuitive, the app lets you edit your content online, detect and eliminate duplicates, and detect the latest version of your content as well as similar versions of documents.

Automate your HR processes

Constellio's Workflows module allows you to automate process management in a simple and intuitive way.

Whether it's in-house recruitment processes or application approvals, the solution allows you to draw your processes, assign tasks to people, associate documents and create follow-up alerts.

Each process can be tracked and evaluated with KPIs and supporting reports.

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