Optimize your digital transformation with Constellio- Office 365.

Ensure good governance of your information and regulatory compliance while working together on the Microsoft environment.

Document lifecycle management in the Office 365 environment has become possible with Constellio.

The constellio solution for office 365 meets the following three objectives:

·Governance: Deploy a set of business rules to manage organizational information in a healthy way

· Efficiency: via the unified search engine in 365 and Constellio. A user can find a searched document via a search launched simultaneously in Teams, SharePoint, One drive, Exchange and Constellio.

Thus, a user who searches for data on a project can see everything in the same place without having to go through the different systems.

· Compliance: Constellio software integrates classification plan management mechanics, retention schedule and decommissioning in the Constellio registration center for Office 365.

Space 365 Constellio Archiving: Offers a unified view of all 365 systems and allows action to be taken simultaneously on all 365 systems.

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